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Hidden Gem of Virginia: Henrico County

The “American dream”, that’s how people who wished to live or visit in the United States of America call it. Who wouldn’t want to experience the extravagance of Las Vegas, happy and busy noise of New York’s Time Square and the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? With all the beauty the United States can show, a county in Virginia called Henrico is also something you shouldn’t miss out.

Virginia is indeed a wonderful place to live, aside from it holds three of the best universities in America, it also has hidden gems not many get to visit. One of this is Henrico County, also known as the County of Henrico, formerly known as “Henrico Shire” named after the cities of Henricus.

Covering 634.26 square kilometers, with the population of 327,898 by 2017, Henrico placed fifth of the most populous county in Virginia. Locals claim that it is one of the best places to live. Aside from the peaceful environment and the greenery, the cost of living in Virginia is seven percent lower than the national average.

Henrico County is described as a peaceful place by many for few obvious reasons. The neighborhood is quiet and most of the people are nature and family oriented. There are many things to do in this place that you cannot do in most cities of the United States, this is why tourist keeps coming back for more fresh air and some of them even move permanently.

Few places to visit here is their famous Henrico theatre. The theatre was originally designated to be a bomb shelter during World War II and is officially listed as a historic place. The place officially opened as a theatre palace on April 25, 1938, and the building was eventually bought by Henrico County in 1998.

Another most visited place is the Henrico Library. The library is famous not only because of the books but also because of the community events held here from time to time. The community sets up gatherings with live music, games, potlucks, story time, and many more activities that promote camaraderie.

The place also has museums where you can learn about the history and arts. Among all, one of the most famous places to visit is the beautiful James River Park System. It is a river located in the middle of the city where you can go water activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Indeed this place is a must visit next time you go to Virginia. The city life can sometimes have an overwhelming impact, it’s never boring to spend some time with nature and interact with real people once in a while. Places like Henrico County will make your break worthwhile.